A small sample of the wide range of products we supply

Our product range is constantly changing and we supply many products on demand. On this page we present a small sample of our products that are normally delivered every week. A common denominator for all our products is that they are all adapted for the needs of the airline industry and airline catering. Therefore we supply a lot of single pack products and cans and bottles without deposit marks. Please contact us for more info, for a quote and if you have any particular request. On average we supply hundred of different products every year.

Usually our supplier partnerships are setup in a way that we only sell our products for the airline market or travel retail, but there are also some products that we sell to basically all the channels of the market, from the grocery channel, HoReCa, food service, travel retail, online and the food industry. 

Our assortment therefore includes product ranges that either our suppliers want us to import and sell in the market or that our customers are requesting and that we source for them. If you are customer or supplier to Skandjuice we therefore welcome that you reach out and take contact with us for a dialog regarding a partnership. Skandjuice has a wide contact network, a long experience and an efficient logistics and distribution that enables us to be an engaged and valuable partner - either as customer, supplier or partner for distribution and storage of your products.  




Vegetable chips Bucket 600gr

Big Tom Bloody Mary Mix

Big Tom juice

Bloody Mary Mix 15 cl

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1 liter Rynkeby and Sundis
1 liter Ocean Spray Cranberry
25 cl Smakis
25 cl Sundis juices
20 cl Aqua juices
15 cl Santal Orange juice 

     Ketchup, mustard, oils


Ketchup, mustard, dressing,
olive oil.


Beverages 15-16 cl

Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite
Schweppes, Bloody Mary Mix, Froosh.


Jam & Marmalade

Menz & Gasser.

Soda cans 33 cl

Beverages 33 cl cans

Coca Cola, Zero, Fanta, Sprite
Ramlösa Citrus, Ramlösa Original
Ramlösa PET




Peanuts, Chili nuts
Boxer chips. Glennans.



Wine different types 


Vino Solo Rosé, White, Red 187 ml
La Copita 187 ml PET glass


   Frozen desserts

Frozen Desserts 

Frozen and preportioned desserts and pastries.




Hot Beverages

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino



Bread / Biscuits

Wasa bread, Delser Crackers, biscuits.





Chocolate, candy






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